List of Exhibits...

MYTHCON XX: July 28-31, 1989 UBC, Vancouver, BC First Prize, Best of Show Award

NORWESCON: 12 March, 1990 Tacoma Washington, USA

V-CON: May 25-27, 1990 Vancouver, BC Most Original and Most Enjoyed Awards

WESTERCON 44: July 4-7, 1990 Vancouver BC Peoples' Choice and Best of Color Awards

DREAMCON: October, 1990 Everett Washington, USA

CONVERSION VII: July, 1991 Calgary, Alberta Best of Show and Best Fantasy Awards

WESTERCON 45: July 1991 Vancouver, BC

ICON: July, 1992 Victoria, BC Judges' Choice Award

HORIZON WEST GALLERY: July, 1993 Vancouver, BC

GRAHAM SAYELL GALLERIES: January, 1994 Vancouver, BC

ARTS CLUB THEATRE: April 1 - June 1, 1995 Vancouver, BC, Granville Island

BOLLUM'S BOOKS: July - August, 1995 Grand Opening, Granville and Georgia St. Vancouver, BC

GAS LITE GALLERIA: September - October, 1995 Vancouver, BC, Gastown

THE PLANETARIUM: October 25, 1996 Stranger Than Outer Space Vancouver, BC

WESTERN WILDERNESS SOCIETY: March 20 - April 26, 1997 Stoltman Art Show Gallery Row, Granville Vancouver, BC

A WALK IS: May 30 - June 5, 1997 Vancouver, BC


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